Omega 3 & 6

These two polyunsaturated fatty acids are names Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). Since the human body is unable to synthesize them itself, the food must bring them to us. They contribute to the maintenance of our tissues and organs. Their anti-oxidant, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory properties have been demonstrated. Many authors have confirmed their effectiveness in preventing circulatory and cardiac problems and their effectiveness in combating atopy (skin allergies). The scientific literature insists on the optimal ratio Omega-6/Omega-3 of 3/1. In hemp oil these EFAs are naturally found in these ideal proportions.

We find a lot of Omega-6 in our diet (animal proteins, cereals, etc.) but a little of Omega-3 (some plant seeds and fish, which are now increasingly suspected of containing large quantities of heavy metals and pollutants).

E Vitamin

It has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and has excellent antioxidant properties. Being so-called fat-soluble, it is effectively absorbed by skin cells and is an excellent moisturizer and scar reducer. It also absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, playing the role of natural sunscreen and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent on the skin.

How lucky! The hemp seed has an exceptional proportion of these 3 elements, which gives it an excellent reputation – deserved - in dietetics and cosmetics!!


The CHANVRIA range fights against the discomfort of dry and reactive skin

Obtained by cold pressing of a selected organic seed, our hemp oil has all the qualities of a natural active ingredient. Unsaturated fatty acids - OMEGA3 and 6 present (about 85%) - have made for centuries the reputation and proof of their effectiveness for skin care: they protect from excessive dehydration, soothe and prevent the drying and dissociation of the skin by contributing to the restoration of its lipids.

External treatment with essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) relieves dry, scaly or chapped skin and reduces redness, couperosis and eczema.

A targeted improvement

The dryness of the skin is caused by environmental factors such as dry air, sun or low temperatures, excessive use of degreasing soaps, bath additives or other detergents, but also by slowing cellular metabolism or age-related diabetes. Dry skin is characterized by "degreasing" and a generally significant change in the lipid composition of the cornea. The skin becomes literally thinner, which increases the loss of water. A targeted improvement in lipid intake is a good way to mitigate this. This improvement can be achieved both through diet and through the external application of skin care products


The benefits of our hemp oil in cosmetics therefore depend on the physical and biochemical effects of its fatty acids. Even if notions such as essential fatty acids or gamma-linolenic acid were not yet known at the time, the ancient Romans and the great queens like Cleopatra, but also our ancestors of Europe, used ointments, lotions and baths based on hemp oil.