WoodFrance and Chanvria

Founded in 2016, the company Woodfrance, whose initial activity is the eco-responsible valuation of noble woods (olive, walnut, boxwood, beech, etc.), has relaunched the Chanvria range that corresponds to its convictions: offering natural, organic and local products.

CHANVRIA has developed a new range of dermo-cosmetic treatments based on 100% virgin organic hemp oil. This line is particularly aimed at people with sensitive or damaged skin (weather, pollution, chemicals, detergents, sun, friction, etc.)

CHANVRIA is a simple, vegetable, natural and organic brand.


Our will is to have a sustainable approach, which translates concretely into: 

  • Suppliers selected based on their quality, of course, but also their geographical proximity (mainly Champagne region in France)
  • Simple and effective formulas 
  • Minimized packaging (no overpacking)
  • Partners with the same goals,
  • Environmental respect: waiver of chemical additives, guarantee of natural care. Manufacturing process respecting the active ingredients of hemp (moderate temperature). 
  • Location close to the 1rst European production basin and the first hemp development pole: the Pôle Européen du Chanvre