Apart from the tubes, which are by an European manufacture, our aim was to have everything produces (oil, mixture, packaging and even design & graphic printing and photos) within a radius of 150 kms of the hemp fields in Champagne region (except the perfume which, necessarilly , comes from Grasses, in the Cote d'Azur).

The law requires a maximum of 0.2% THC in the composition of all hemp products. As you can see on our packaging, we guarantee 0% THC.

When you choose a cosmetic product labeled Cosmebio - Ecocert, you have the guarantee that:

  • The composition is clean: our cosmetics contain at least 95% natural ingredients and prohibit many controversial ingredients that consumers no longer want;
  • The environment is protected (responsible manufacturing and cleaning processes and reasoned packaging)
  • Employees and partners are valued.
  • Animals are respected.
  • Marketing is responsible and transparency is consistent.

This oil is very sensitive to light. Thus, we have created opaque packaging to best preserve its moisturizing characteristics. So you don’t have to take any special precautions: the inside of a handbag, a sports bag or hiking bag will be fine but still... leave the products in the sun on the beach, on the hood of your car during a golf session, or in the open air on the edge of the bathroom is not recommended.

We want to work as local as possible. Therefore, we have choosen hemps from  the Champagne region where it grows without pesticide, fungicide, herbicide or fertilizer . It is then transformed by the agricultural cooperative LA CHANVRIERE: first European producer of hemp located in Saint Lyé near Troyes